RE: PBE 2024 – Joshua and Judges chapters

NADYM StaffPathfinders, PBE

Attn: Pathfinder Bible Experience teams, leaders and parents

Pathfinders and Leaders! Many of you are preparing for our Pathfinder Year of 2023-2024 and the Pathfinder Bible Experience Testing. As you all know, the Bible testing books for this upcoming year are Joshua and Judges, and the Andrews Bible Commentary Study Section we will be providing. There are certain sections of those books that we have determined are not helpful to the Pathfinder’s learning experience, including some long lists in Joshua and a few stories at the end of Judges.

Please note the following verses are not a part of the study material for 2023-2024 PBE and no questions will be asked from these verses.

  • Joshua 12:7 to Joshua 13:33
  • Joshua 15:1-12
  • Joshua 15:20 to Joshua 19:49
  • Judges Chapters 19, 20, 21

May God be with you and your Pathfinders as they prepare for the upcoming PBE Year!

Pastor Gene Pastor
Pathfinder Bible Experience Coordinator
North American Division

Armando Miranda Jr.
Associate Director/Pathfinder Director
North American Division Youth Ministries