Pathfinder Club Instructor Certification

Pathfinder Club Instructor Certification is designed to develop the skills required to be an effective instructor in a Pathfinder Club. Participants will learn leadership skills, the process of building a team, and much more.

Participants will attend training conducted by the conference Pathfinder Club Ministry personnel. This will normally be conducted over one weekend but may, at the discretion of conference personnel, be broken up into smaller segments, if necessary, to suit the needs of the conference. This training includes both lectures and discussion. Each participant must own the Pathfinder Club Handbook.

Following the completion of the workshops, the participant must complete the required field work and portfolio review before receiving the certification.

Basic Staff Presenter's Manual

Instructor Workshop Resources

Workshop resources for presenters for Pathfinder Club Instructor Certification Training.

Basic Staff Participant Guide

Instructor Participant Guide

Pathfinder Instructor Training Guide for participants, including eight workshops.

Basic Staff Participant Guide Cover Page

Instructor Participant Guide Cover Page

This is a printable PDF cover for the participant's binder/workbook.

Basic Staff Workshop Sign-off Page

Instructor Workshop Sign-off Page

Sign-off record page to keep track of Instructor completed workshops.