Master Guide Uniform

For the moment, this information does not address Adventurer Master Guides or nonspecific Master Guides, only Pathfinders.

According to current NAD Pathfinder uniform policy, if you have earned the Master Guide Class there are several items that you can wear on your dress uniform. They are listed them below.

  1. The MG pin on the flap of your left chest pocket  where the class level pins go.
  2. The MG name stripe over the top of the left chest pocket.
  3. The MG star patch on your left sleeve below the world patch.
    Or... The MG star with six class chevrons on your left sleeve below the world patch, if you have also earned all six of the Investiture Achievement levels.
  4. The yellow Pathfinder MG scarf with red edging, class level stripe and either the printed MG logo on the back or the embroidered MG logo on the back. (Unlike the chevrons which must be earned, tradition holds that the ribbon does not indicate that the MG has necessarily earned the levels, but instead is authorized to lead/teach them.) A number of people sew the large MG logo patch over the printed logo on the scarf.
  5. Optional: A beret with the MG patch "flash" on the front over your left eye.

A number of conferences have other polices, some in addition to the division, some counter to division policy. Since you wear your uniform primarily at local and conference events, its seems logical to match their stated style. In a year or two, at constituent request, the division will be issuing clearer guidelines on uniforms, sanctioned variations and additions, and prohibited changes. (An example of a prohibited change is that the MG Logo belongs to the GC and its divisions. An individual, club, conference or union does not have the legal right to alter that logo. They can come up with a completely different one, but if they alter the current one by changing color or adding stars or making stars into… then they are violating the copyright of the GC.)

Some conferences have shoulder cords for Master Guides. Some have other patches and locations. In general, these should be additions to the NAD policy, not replacements or substitutes.

On a related but slightly different topic, NAD authorizes four different uniforms for Pathfinder Master Guides.

  1. Black skirt or pants with tan shirt
  2. Black skirt or pants with tan shirt and black uniform jacket (style has not been set, but it should be a uniform jacket, not a suit jacket)
  3. Green skirt or pants with tan shirt
  4. Green skirt or pants with tan shirt and green uniform jacket. (Much of the world uses a four bottom, long uniform coat, but some areas, including much of Pacific Union and North Pacific Union in NAD use short buttoned or zippered green jackets as well. These are often called "Ike Jackets" and are similar in style to the jackets that national park rangers wear.)

Some conferences set the style, many leave it up to the individual. Most do NOT require a jacket, but encourage it. Cost and sizing can be a real issue for many volunteers. You would need to check with your conference for details."