Master Guide Outdoors (MGO)

Master Guide Outdoors is an NAD sponsored ministry, with expeditions that are coordinated by properly trained Master Guides and designed by Conference/Union Youth Directors.

Master Guide Outdoors Expeditions are journeys undertaken by a group of Master Guides and their friends with the intentional purpose of exploring nature, seeking to connect with God and our neighbor.

Source: 2018 North American Camping Report

Why Master Guide Outdoors?
According to the results of the 2018 North American Camping Report, Millennials are venturing into the outdoors more than ever before. Out of the total campers (around 75 million), Millennials make up 38 percent, and 51 percent of Millennials vow that they are going to increase their time outdoors just this year.

Motivate Master Guides and friends to enjoy God’s creation, by training them how to participate and lead a successful outdoor expeditions in unique locations.

Connect all people with God by exploring his creation.


  • Connect with God
  • Connect with others
  • Discover and enjoy God´s creation
  • Practice our camping skills
  • Improve our resilience and lifestyle
  • Disconnect from the routine

What is not Master Guide Outdoors?

  • It is not an Adventurers or Pathfinders activity.
  • It is not a militaristic survival training, even if it is challenging.
  • It is not a competition.
  • It is not an individualistic activity, but a Christian community event.

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How To: Organize an MGO Expedition