Master Guide Club & Training

A Master Guide Club leader has to be an invested Master Guide, but must also have love for young people, be committed to Christ and the Master Guide Club, and uphold high Christian standards that will be reflected in the members of the Master Guide Club.

Below are links to the Master Guide Club manual and training associated with the Master Guide Club.

Master Guide Club Manual

This manual provides the basic structure and procedures whereby a Master Guide Club can operate effectively to nurture its members.

Master Guide Club Training

Training based on the Master Guide Club manual prepared and approved by the Executive Committee of of NAD Youth and Young Adult Ministries and to be piloted in the territory of North American Division of Seventh Day Adventists.

Online Training Courses

Session 1 - Mission, Vision, and Purpose

Instructor: Armando Miranda Jr. This seminar will help you identify and organize a club ministry structure in the Master Guide ministry in your local church. Source: Adventist Learning Community

Session 2 - Structure and Leadership

Instructor: Nestor Osman Understanding Master Guide Club structure and leadership. Source: Adventist Learning Community

Session 3 - Organization and Programming

Instructor: Nestor Osman How to organize and program your Master Guide Club program. Source: Adventist Learning Community

Session 4 - Ceremonies

Instructor: Nestor Osman The important ceremonies for Master Guide Club ministry. Source: Adventist Learning Community

MG Lab promo V3

The Master Guide Ministry of the North American Division presents a “laboratory” experience for those who are looking into starting a MG Club ministry in their conferences. The laboratory happened on the grounds of Lake Whitney Ranch camp in TX, where the TX Conference had their MG Camporee in 2021
Master Guide Intro, Pt. 1
Pastor Miranda explains the reason for MG Clubs in NAD. He also explains the structure for a MG Club ministry in the local conference.

Master Guide Intro, Pt. 2

Pastor Moody and Pastor Tenorio welcome and share their insights of the MG Camporee and MG Club ministry.

Master Guide - Local strategies

Jennifer Fuentes (MG Club leader) shares her testimony as a local church director and leader in club ministries.

Master Guide - The Coordinator

Nancy Soto, MG Area coordinator in TX, shares the responsibilities of a MG ministry area coordinator and also ideas on how to motivate MG Clubs and leaders.

Master Guide - The Director, Pt. 1

Lily Hernandez, former TX conference MG Coordinator shares about the responsibilities of a MG Club director and shares some ideas of how to empower leaders for MG Club ministry.

Master Guide - The Director, Pt. 2

Lily Hernandez, former TX Conference MG Coordinator shares more ideas regarding MG Club directors/leaders.

Master Guide - The Volunteer

Daniel Amante, TX Conference youth ministries volunteer shares what drives him to serve in club ministries and in MG Camporee. Ideas on how to recruit and retain volunteers.

Master Guide - Lab Insights Final

Coordinators from around the North American Division share their findings and about lessons learned that they will implement in their own conference.

Master Guide - Conclusion

Pastor Miranda invites all to consider MG Club ministry and to work together with the local conference youth department to begin a new era of MG Ministry.