Investiture Achievement Curriculum


IA Director's Guide

This Director’s Guide will give you a complete overview of what is required for the completion of each level and some basic teaching tips you or the Instructors in your club can use to help Pathfinders complete the requirements. Investiture Achievement is for Pathfinders in grades 5-10 or their equivalent and it is divided into six levels—one for each year.

The Director's Guide is available for purchase at AdventSource online or you can download the entire PDF here.

Investiture Achievement curriculum is the core of the Pathfinder ministry and will lead the Pathfinders in your club through an exciting journey as they learn and grow in their Christian experience.

The Investiture Achievement curriculum is for Pathfinders in grades 5-10 or their equivalent. As you review the requirements, you will see that they are aligned with the goals that are listed for each segment. Throughout the curriculum, special focus is given to creating a series of age-appropriate requirements that are sequenced to build from year to year, allowing Pathfinders to build on the skills previously learned. You are encouraged to use the best practices in education to meet the Pathfinder ministry goals.

The Investiture Achievement curriculum is divided into 6 levels: Friend, Companion, Explorer, Ranger, Voyager, and Guide (see menu for each level). Each level of the Investiture Achievement requirements are divided into seven tracks:

  • Personal Growth
  • Spiritual Discovery
  • Serving Others
  • Making Friends
  • Health and Fitness
  • Nature Study
  • Outdoor Living

Pathfinders who want to be invested in the Advanced level must complete all basic requirements plus additional requirements as listed in each track. They will also earn many additional honors as they complete the requirements in the Honor Enrichment track.

Requirements can be met in a variety of ways based on how each individual Pathfinder learns best. Each year that a Pathfinder is invested and advances to the next level the tracks remain the same as the previous year. However, the activities to fulfill the requirements change in order to allow each Pathfinder the opportunities to participate in new experiences and challenges and to practice skills and use information previously learned.

This curriculum is designed to create an ongoing learning environment. To maximize the success for each Pathfinder, club directors, instructors, and all Pathfinder staff must intentionally:

  • Inspire and motivate Pathfinders.
  • Emphasize quality, not quantity, of learning.
  • Build on knowledge that has been gained in earlier levels.
  • Allocate time to practice new concepts and skills.
  • Aim for understanding rather than memorization.
  • Consider developmental and individual abilities of each Pathfinder.
  • Employ effective and flexible strategies to aid learning.
  • Use concrete and meaningful activities.