Little Lambs Stars: Bible Friends

NADYM StaffLittle Lamb Stars

Listen to a book about Bible friends. Bible friends include: Ruth and Naomi, David and Jonathan, Daniel and his three friends, Jesus & His disciples, Paul and Barnabas, Paul and Silas, Paul and Luke/Timothy. My Bible Friends by Etta Degering, these books are great Bible stories and good for all ages of Adventurers. The Noah story, “When God Washed the … Read More

Little Lamb Stars: Zoo Animals

Little Lambs Stars: Zoo AnimalsTake a trip to the zoo, if possible, or watch a video or movie about a zoo Video of Zoo Animals Read My Visit to the Zoo by Aliki. After the story, sing Going to the Zoo. What animals did you see? Show the children pictures of animals and then have them imitate the animal’s actions: Snake – Slither … Read More

Little Lamb Stars: Wooly Lamb

Little Lambs Stars: Wooly LambListen to a book about lambs Adventsource offers a book just for Little Lambs on this subject – LAMBS ARE BABY SHEEP English \ Español The Bible App for kids is a free online graphically illustrated book that can be read or listened to on your tablet, phone or other device. (app store “Bible children YouVersion”) … Read More

Little Lamb Stars: Weather

Little Lambs Stars: WeatherListen to a book about weather. What Will Weather Like Today by Paul Rogers Say three things you learned about weather. Rainbows have 7 colors – Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet Clouds send the rain You need sun and rain to make a rainbow God made the clouds, the sun, the rain and … Read More

Little Lamb Stars: Trains and Trucks

Little Lambs Stars: Trains and TrucksListen to a book about trains or trucks. Read the book C Is for Construction: Big Trucks and Diggers from A to Z Say three things you learned about trains or trucks. Play an action game about trains or trucks. Train Fingerplay This is a choo-choo train (Bend elbows) Puffing down the track (Move arms … Read More

Little Lamb Stars: Stars

Little Lambs Stars: StarsListen to a book about stars. The Stars by Martha E. H. Rustad Shooting Stars by Franklyn M. Branley The Stars in the Sky – Download the PDF Say three things you learned about stars. There are approximately 400 billon stars in the galaxy. With as many as 500 billion galaxies in the Universe, it is almost … Read More

Little Lamb Stars: Special Helper

Little Lambs Stars: Special HelperListen to a book about being helpful. Online search engines often lead to online videos that “read” or “tell” helping other stories. One video is found at: Holy Tales: Good Samaritan It shows the story of The Good Samaritan as told by a grandmother centipede to her grandchildren. is a per-sharing book service, and they … Read More

Little Lamb Stars: Sharing

Little Lambs Stars: SharingListen to a book about sharing. Little Lamb, the classroom puppet, would do a great job reading or telling this story! There are numerous Bible story books that tell stories about sharing. The most popular Bible story is likely the one found in John 6:1-14 (NIV & NKJV). You may choose to read the story, have pictures … Read More

Little Lamb Stars: My Friend Jesus

Little Lambs Stars: My Friend JesusListen to a book about Jesus. There are many books about Jesus. The important thing is to choose one that meets the Little Lamb interest and vocabulary level. Bible App for Kids is a ministry of Youversion Bible Inc. and provides nearly 50 interactive Bible stories for kids. There is an animated storybook app with … Read More

Little Lamb Stars: Music

Little Lambs Stars: MusicListen to a book about musicians or musical instruments. The easy way to do this is a trip to the children’s section of a library. We found a good book about stringed instruments of the world and as we read, we searched YouTube to listen to each instrument mentioned. Our little lamb really enjoyed this and it … Read More