Adventurer Club Starter Kit

This resource page includes a link to purchase the Resource USB Flash Drive from AdventSource and includes printable PDFs to make the Adventurer Club director’s job easy! You’ll find: Medical consent form, Membership application, Parent information form, templates, and more!

Adventurer Class Requirements

Adventurer Class Requirements

North American Division Guidelines for Adventurer Family Camping
(Available above in downloadable PDF)

Whether the Adventurer Club goes camping for a night or weekend, families are expected to attend. There are no exceptions (see guideline below). In addition to just being fun, family camping may be done to meet the requirements for the Adventurer Camping award or as part of an area or conference campout. If you are going camping, it is imperative that you and the Adventurer Club team communicate and follow the North American Division Guidelines listed below. For best results, have all adult participants sign, date, and return the signed copy of the Adventurer Family Camping Guidelines. See p. 104 for a reproducible form.

  1. In the event of an Adventurer family camping experience, a parent or legal guardian MUST accompany their own child(ren) at all times. No exceptions.
  2. Parents or legal guardians are not permitted to grant permission to Adventurer staff to take their minor children overnight camping without a parent or legal guardian under any circumstances. No exceptions.
  3. Adventurer staff are not permitted to accept permission or release forms from a parent or legal guardian to take their minor child(ren) camping overnight without the parent or legal guardian present on the camping trip. No exceptions.
  4. Adventurer staff are prohibited from sharing a tent or cabin with children who are not their own. No exceptions.
  5. Adventurers are not permitted to sleep in tents or cabins unsupervised. Neither are they permitted to share a tent or cabin with another child unless they are siblings and the parents/guardians are present. No exceptions.


[Policy voted by the NAD, March 2013]