Adventurer Bible Event

Official name of this event will be voted at the next #OneTeam Summit in 2021.

This NAD pilot program was begun to help our older Adventurers have a fun challenge that will use their new reading skills and their amazing ability to memorize material.

It is intended to be a family-based activity with parents and Adventurers studying and playing together.

Because this Bible activity has a different focus than Pathfinder Bible Experience, we have decided to select a 6-year rotation of Bible content which will help introduce Adventurers to the major stories and themes of the Bible.

In light of this new focus, we begin this 1st year of the rotation in the beginning, in Genesis.

The 2020-2021 Adventurer Bible focus is on the following stories/passages:

  • Creation – Genesis 1:1-31 & 2:1-25
  • Beginning of Sin – Genesis 3:1-24 & 4:1-26
  • The Flood – Genesis 6:1 – 9:19
  • Beginning of Languages – Genesis 11:1-9
  • Abram & God’s Promise – Genesis 12:1-15:7
  • Abram Tries to solve a problem – Genesis 16:1-16
  • God’s promise and new names for Abram and Sarai – Genesis 17:1-7 & 17:15-22
  • Abraham Promised a Son again and what happened to Sodom – Genesis 18:1-19:3 & 19:12-29
  • The Promised son is born – Genesis 21:1-34
  • A Bride for Isaac – Genesis 24:1-67

If a conference wants to pilot this event, contact Sherilyn at [email protected] and she will send you more information.