Stars: Little Lamb

The Little Lamb Stars are designed for children four years old or pre-schoolers.

RequirementSkill LevelPatch Type
ABC'sLittle LambStars
Bible FriendsLittle LambStars
Bodies of WaterLittle LambStars
ColorsLittle LambStars
Community HelperLittle LambStars
Finger PlayLittle LambStars
Healthy FoodLittle LambStars
Healthy MeLittle LambStars
InsectsLittle LambStars
Little Boy JesusLittle LambStars
MusicLittle LambStars
My Friend JesusLittle LambStars
NumbersLittle LambStars
SharingLittle LambStars
Special HelperLittle LambStars
StarsLittle LambStars
Trains and TrucksLittle LambStars
Trikes & BikesLittle LambStars
WeatherLittle LambStars
Wooly LambLittle LambStars
Zoo AnimalsLittle LambStars