Awards: Busy Bee

The Busy Bee Awards are designed for children six years old or first-graders.

RequirementSkill LevelPatch Type
ArtistBusy BeeAwards
Bible IBusy BeeAwards
ButterflyBusy BeeAwards
ButtonsBusy BeeAwards
FishBusy BeeAwards
FlowersBusy BeeAwards
Friend of AnimalsBusy BeeAwards
GuideBusy BeeAwards
Health SpecialistBusy BeeAwards
Home HelperBusy BeeAwards
Music MakerBusy BeeAwards
PotatoBusy BeeAwards
Reading IBusy BeeAwards
Safety SpecialistBusy BeeAwards
Sand ArtBusy BeeAwards
SpotterBusy BeeAwards
Swimmer IBusy BeeAwards