Adventurer Stars, Chips, and Awards

The Adventurer curriculum takes the goals of the Adventurer program -- that children will commit their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ and that they will acquire the habits, skills, and knowledge to live for Jesus today -- and turns them into fun and practical activities that Adventurers will enjoy.

Stars, chips, and awards are fun ways for Adventurers to explore their world, learn skills, and be creative. When the requirements are completed, the Adventurer receives a patch that is proudly worn on his or her sash. Patches for Little Lambs are called stars, for Eager Beavers they are called chips, and for Busy Bees through Helping Hands they are called awards. In addition to patches that Adventurers earn during club meetings, there are many additional patches that parents and guardians can help their children earn at home. The requirements for all current Adventurer stars, chips, and awards are included on the Resource USB Flash Drive available from However, there are new stars, chips, and awards being developed all the time so subscribe to news and alerts for updated content.

At each level, the curriculum encourages an age-appropriate, active learning approach. Instead of asking children to learn a great deal of factual information, it introduces them to general concepts. The children learn to apply these concepts to their own lives by participating in a wide variety of experiences.

The Adventurer curriculum is divided into six levels: Little Lamb, Eager Beaver, Busy Bee, Sunbeam, Builder, and Helping Hand.


ABC'sLittle Lamb
Bible FriendsLittle Lamb
Bodies of WaterLittle Lamb
ColorsLittle Lamb
Community HelperLittle Lamb
Finger PlayLittle Lamb
Healthy FoodLittle Lamb
Healthy MeLittle Lamb
InsectsLittle Lamb
Little Boy JesusLittle Lamb
MusicLittle Lamb
My Friend JesusLittle Lamb
NumbersLittle Lamb
SharingLittle Lamb
Special HelperLittle Lamb
StarsLittle Lamb
Trains and TrucksLittle Lamb
Trikes & BikesLittle Lamb
WeatherLittle Lamb
Wooly LambLittle Lamb
Zoo AnimalsLittle Lamb
Alphabet FunEager Beaver
Animal HomesEager Beaver
AnimalsEager Beaver
BeaverEager Beaver
Beginning BikingEager Beaver
Beginning SwimmingEager Beaver
Bible Friends (EB)Eager Beaver
BirdsEager Beaver
Crayons and MarkersEager Beaver
Fire SafetyEager Beaver
Gadgets And SandEager Beaver
God's WorldEager Beaver
Helping at HomeEager Beaver
Jesus' Special HelperEager Beaver
Jesus' StarEager Beaver
Jigsaw PuzzleEager Beaver
Know Your BodyEager Beaver
Left And RightEager Beaver
Manners FunEager Beaver
My Community FriendsEager Beaver
PetsEager Beaver
Playing With FriendsEager Beaver
Scavenger HuntEager Beaver
Shapes And SizesEager Beaver
Sponge ArtEager Beaver
Stamping FunEager Beaver
ToysEager Beaver
ArtistBusy Bee
Bible IBusy Bee
ButterflyBusy Bee
ButtonsBusy Bee
FishBusy Bee
FlowersBusy Bee
Friend of AnimalsBusy Bee
GuideBusy Bee
Health SpecialistBusy Bee
Home HelperBusy Bee
Music MakerBusy Bee
PotatoBusy Bee
Reading IBusy Bee
Safety SpecialistBusy Bee
Sand ArtBusy Bee
SpotterBusy Bee
Swimmer IBusy Bee
Acts of KindnessSunbeam
Cooking FunSunbeam
Feathered FriendsSunbeam
Fitness FunSunbeam
Friend of JesusSunbeam
Friend of NatureSunbeam
Glue RightSunbeam
Reading IISunbeam
Road SafetySunbeam
Bead CraftBuilder
Build & FlyBuilder
Building BlocksBuilder
Early Adventist PioneerBuilder
Family HelperBuilder
First Aid HelperBuilder
Hand ShadowsBuilder
Magnet FunBuilder
Magnet Fun IIBuilder
Media CriticBuilder
Reading IIIBuilder
Saving AnimalsBuilder
Sewing FunBuilder
Swimmer IIBuilder
Tin Can FunBuilder
Wise StewardBuilder
Basket MakerHelping Hand
Bible IIHelping Hand
Bible RoyaltyHelping Hand
Caring FriendHelping Hand
CarpenterHelping Hand
Technology (formerly Computer Skills)Helping Hand
Country FunHelping Hand
EnvironmentalistHelping Hand
Fruits of the SpiritHelping Hand
GeologistHelping Hand
HabitatHelping Hand
Honey BeeHelping Hand
HygieneHelping Hand
My ChurchHelping Hand
My Picture BookHelping Hand
Outdoor ExplorerHelping Hand
Pearly GatesHelping Hand
Prayer WarriorHelping Hand
Rainbow PromiseHelping Hand
Reading IVHelping Hand
ReporterHelping Hand
Safe WaterHelping Hand
Sign LanguageHelping Hand
SkaterHelping Hand
Stamp ArtHelping Hand
Steps to JesusHelping Hand
TabernacleHelping Hand
Weather (HH)Helping Hand
Bible StorytellingMulti-Level Awards
Bread of LifeMulti-Level Awards
CooperationMulti-Level Awards
Delightful SabbathMulti-Level Awards
DogsMulti-Level Awards
Good SamaritanMulti-Level Awards
ListeningMulti-Level Awards
Parables of JesusMulti-Level Awards
Photo FunMulti-Level Awards
Stay SafeMulti-Level Awards
UniverseMulti-Level Awards
Adventurer's Evangelism PatchSpecial Award Patches
Adventurer's Excellence in Reading PatchSpecial Award Patches