Pathfinder Club Basic Staff Certification

The Pathfinder Club Basic Staff Curriculum is designed to develop an awareness in leaders of the fundamentals of the Pathfinder Club and to help the Pathfinder Club staff become familiar with the procedures, policies, and resources necessary to start and maintain an Pathfinder Club Ministry.

It is not intended that participants will learn how to teach Pathfinders, but rather those basic elements of information necessary for any Pathfinder staff member or leader to fulfill his or her duties in the club.

Participants will attend a training seminar conducted by the conference Pathfinder Club Ministry personnel. This will normally be conducted over one weekend in May, at the discretion of conference personnel, be broken up into smaller segments, if necessary, to suit the needs of the conference. This training includes both seminar lectures and discussion.

It is recommended that each participant own a Pathfinder Club Handbook. Additional resources are suggested for each workshop.

Basic Staff Presenter's Manual

Basic Staff Workshop Resources

Workshop resources for presenters for Pathfinder Club Basic Staff Certification Training.

Basic Staff Participant Guide

Basic Staff Participant Guide

Pathfinder Basic Staff Training Guide for participants, including eight workshops.

Basic Staff Participant Guide Cover Page

Basic Staff Participant Guide Cover Page

This is a printable PDF cover for the participant's binder/workbook.

Basic Staff Workshop Sign-off Page

Basic Staff Workshop Sign-off Page

Sign-off record page to keep track of Basic Staff completed workshops.

Basic Staff Training Online Courses

NAD Pathfinder Basic Staff Training

Instructor: Tracy Wood The purpose of this course is to provide online training for all new Pathfinder staff and those thinking of working with Pathfinders. This certification is intended to provide basic information about the purpose, structure and ministry of Pathfinders to individuals who are just starting out in Pathfinder ministry and have little or no prior experience with the program. It is highly recommended that this certification is earned before they begin their participation in Pathfinder ministry, although not required. Source: Adventist Learning Community